I was honoured and inspired to work on this feature length documentary about the great Muhammad Ali. 


“I am Ali” hit the big screen in the USA in October and the UK in November 2014. The archive film was supplemented by reconstructions, interviews and actuality footage and shot on a range of cameras from an iphone 5 to an Arri Alexa. I am Ali is based around phone conversations that Ali recorded for many years with his family; it’s a very personal perspective of Ali over a 20 year period of his life when he was still fighting. “I am Ali” was directed by Clare Lewins and produced by Fisheye Films, Passion Pictures and distributed by NBC Universal.

At the recent 2015 IVCA/Evcom Awards ceremony.

I was delighted that five of the films I photographed collected nine prestigious awards.
· “Risky Pics” Straker Films for South Wales Police.  Evcom  2 Gold and 1 Silver Awards.
· “My Story” The Edge Picture Company for Britsh Gas.   Evcom Gold and Silver Awards.
· “Paul Kelly Story” Buddy Films.  Evcom Gold Award film about passion for Barclays Football.
· Barclays “Spirit of Games Heroes” Buddy Films.  Evcom Gold winner 4 films about passion.
· “Hidden Hurt” Straker Films  for South Wales Police. Evcom 2 Silver Awards.


“My Story” Evcom & New York film festival Gold Awards.